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What is happening?!

So I’m here, looking at people. I’m searching for the one. And all I can see, are beautiful mermaids… seriously, I’m attaching a picture. They’re wonderful people, amazing human beings. And yet, they are just like fish. Going wherever we want them to go and dressing like whatever we want them to dress like.


We have to accept the fact, people like us exist. And we should cherish that thought and be amazed at how wonderful life can be whan you’re interested in something else.

They are fish. But they are happy fish.


Only by losing (the image of) it do I actually see it for what it is


D e c o n s t i p a t i o n

What hurts me is not that I’ve lost her but that I am losing the image I’ve cherished about her.

It’s painful to see this because it means that I am losing the image I’ve cherished about myself too.

Without the hope (the projected image) of getting her back there is noone to suffer for and there is noone to suffer.

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Sin is when you interrupt, disrupt and break the flaw of love.