Singing with the rain

Or, I could also say, swimming with the flow. Because you, my friend, are in a huge river, and there is nothing you could do to turn back. – yes, sometimes I like to talk about myself and call me ‘my friend’..

So at night you want to confess your love to someone very important to you, than 24 hours later, you break every connection with him. Why? Because I’m not a psychich and I have absolutely no idea about other people’s thoughts or appearantly I have no idea about other people’s reactions.

Okay. So you have a few somebody in your life. At the same time. But that’s okay. They all know the harsh truth and accept it, so you can just enjoy all the good this thing we call life gave you. So yo’re enjoying it, but then the best friend makes a move and you realize: wow, he’s a lot more important. Then you decide not to tell him, because that’s the mature thing to do, however, he finds out from the BF. And you expect him to be a little angry and jealous but he’s not. And then you feel sorry for yourself, break up the reltionship you two had, and meet other people, exactly his age but nowhere near like him. And you like it. Although you did’t forget about him, not even for a second but you still feel safer.

So that’s it. Your heart gets broken – or something like that – and you find someone to make the pain go away. And it does get better. Now I know why people use each other. It’s easy. To use their pain.

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